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Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 1

Midterm - Essay Example This means that people and business organizations are on a continuous journey that requires them to experience various processes and practices consciously or unconsciously. In this case, business organizations are expected to be abreast of the changing factors that can affect their profitability and other management aspects. This paper examines the concept of change and how it can be used by organizations to create and enhance their effective performance and success. It focuses on a Chinese Company, Alibaba Holdings, which has navigated its path to reach its current levels of excellence in business performance. The company has recently been listed on the New York Stock exchange in a bid to remain competitive and enhance its market position (Lianna, Jessica & Ryan, 2014). Currently, the pace by which globalization has been taking toll on businesses has quickened tremendously. Business executives and owners have been increasing their call for flexibility, agility and innovativeness from various business functions (Robertson, 2006). This development is aimed at positioning businesses strategically to tackle the rising challenges in competition and other factors in the external and internal environment. Amidst all these persistent calls, one thing has often been largely ignored, that is, organizations are creatively designed in order to search for competitive advantages that are sustainable. In addition, the fact that stability in business practices is just not desirable and effective, but attainable as well, has been an issue buried deeply in managerial psyche, but has been bolstered by periods of practice and theory (Christopher & Edward, 2006). It is important to understand that the popularity that is often associated with efforts for process improvement that range from overall quality management to various kinds of sigma provides are enough evidence for

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Create a security policy - Please read instructions Essay

Create a security policy - Please read instructions - Essay Example Since Destin is mainly a tourist’s attraction, the company receives various small design jobs throughout the year and especially in the summer. Along with providing design services, the company also provides PR services and content writing services for some of its major clients. Rubric Company is mainly a service based company and this means employees have to be courteous to the clients as they are the face of the company. While the clients of the company are quickly expanding, so are the employees in the organization. Rubric began as a small advertising agency with only five employees but the need of the business required employees more business over the years. As of now, the company has 50 employees on its payroll. Thus, the organization evolved from a closely knit group to an organization that is considering expanding to new states within the US. The purpose and intent of this policy is to protect Rubric Company from premeditated or inadvertent unethical behavior. Moreover, this policy is designed to develop an open and trustworthy culture in the organization where the participation and support of each employee is valued.. The following strategy pertains to all entities working for or in association with the day to day business of Rubric Company. The policy is intended for all the people in the organization including the CEO, managers and Human resource in the organization. This includes both the employees and the upper management of the company. It is also specifically targeted to employees who have been found to be involved in certain unethical behavior. Once the ethics policy is approved, it is to be expected that the policy would be considered as part of the rules and regulations of the organization and would guide the management regarding the proper course of action regarding future issues of