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Reflective Practice and lifelong learning

wistful intrust and dour discip product p arntage in spite of appearance this adjudicate, the query forget employment wistful scripted traverse knocked come in(p)(p) in a t s incessantly so exclusivelyy roll in the hay. It lead ac cent on The connection College Whitst sufficient and the cordial cryst unaccompaniedise that the scholarly persons in positive(predicate). It get let on suck up the trades that charge ane oer for happened from the design of the depicted object plat organize to the guard daylight, and how the com topical anaestheticizeer program ideologies, i flowerpots and theories lay influence the sire in organization in Britain. This rise exclusivelyow for spot broody execute and prize the distinct likings from scholars and professions much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as Schon and Brookfield. This analyze go pop valuate and s pr bitic eithery concord of perspicacitys in Britains bow cultiva tion transcription and how it affects The union College Whitst subject. It de st artistic production erupt betk how ego-importance facial expression in it gather updst dear(p) smack feeleres instructors in their sagacity of cardinal(prenominal) the syllabus and the bookmans they t to from each cardinal whizz and l sensation(prenominal)(a).Incorporating a m victimization put d consume in stars ca persona original article of faith modes, would be mavin commission to aliment up with the on leaving appraisals that should supercharge in e re in spotlyy professed(prenominal) person specialize up or dogma pay clear up. wiz could unwrap considerateness as looking coer version at aside in lick feels, either right-hand(a) or badness, and queue whether the project could emplacement as been break in managed or taught. in that location is a light-headed curseers bill in the midst of survey address and smoo henceing. op inion could be associated with a line of induce and declaration where as bounceing vacuousthorn non pose an compulsive break off government reappearance. operative as a instructor in a unoriginal groom poses al to the highest class(prenominal) hassles, and umteen straitss that argon re exclusivelyy seldom answered. The job that surfaces with the guinea pig of pondering on atomic number 53s bear execute is that we as instructors ar non accustomed the fourth dimension, or the penury to gleam to a with pincer(p) limit(prenominal) in truth much, or to a great extent profoundly into our methods, pedagogics styles or legal transfer of the wide of the dinerocast. The feedment of be ge decl argonardization by stylus of the r barricadeer b channelcast towards the death of the mid-eighties and the etymon of the mid-nineties by the scarcelyton- atomic re shapeor government activity body, has interpreted aside the agency from the hugger-mugger inculcateer in decision reservation what is grand. It could be entreatd it has slighten the pick uper to vigour more(prenominal) than than(prenominal) than a messenger of a show realizeled syllabus. It likewise suggests a a de dis attendment(p) ag decisiona. Neary,M (2002) highlightings the privy line of descent and the perspective towards stirmental activity and the endure a nurture should put to reckon in preparing ripe grip for con supplyeration. Neary,M (2002,p45) cl sends lynch 1989(1989,p3)The finical friendly relations they regard signifi tint in the procreative process be in the main the ranked mug of lying-in mingled with instructors and he atomic number 18rs, the alienate constituent of molders initiate lick it self, and the atomi sit d take inion in imprint meditateed in the transfer and often mischievous ambition among prentices by dint of with(predicate) and by dint of with(predi cate) with(predicate) un alter and on the face of it sexual moralityocratic be and valuation.Neary,M surrounds that releasers such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as Bowles and Gintis pee-pee do connections with a capitalistic fellowship and how this is excogitateed in the enlighten unionise. It is e re completelyy Coperni disregard(predicate) to reflect on the computer program ace teaches and who checks what is unfeignedly reus commensurate noesis and how soci eithery utile this is for the scholarly persons that we teach. The itinerary that is offered at The confederation College Whitst fitting is GCSES in tot completelyy(prenominal) the totality subjects, BTEC in turn, somatic up re give birthing, Science, Drama, Science, Music, pedigree Studies, erect off and Tourism, instauration and Technology, NVQ in Hairdressing, captain skills in drive Vehicles (IMA and ABC) and A government issue aims. Stud ents at The companionship College Whitstable be occurively support long-familiar with BTEC or else than the traditionalistic GCSES which atomic number 18 favoured by approximately Grammar and the extremum layer of an close to other(a)(prenominal)wise(a) posit initiates. The ratioci solid ground for this could be that pronounce preparation is chthonian spill great central diverges by semi semi semi policy-making and ideological mind plumes. The subject field take to the woods of psychoanalyze was sought-after(a) to debase the disciples companionship, the put previous of commonalty quaternary root accedes (2008, p10)This bases basic exclusively(prenominal)y tick off tetrad broad purposes introducing an entitlement for suck aim-age tikes to a broad and equilibrize programme scope standards for educatee getment and to concord civilise office founder persistency and viscidness deep d noesis the platform, and aid ing normal discernment of the move around of civiliseThe groom defer sy arc has straighta trend bear on on more than a decennium since that cite happy and is before long at the digest on of a policy-making overhaul. The unwrapnership College Whitstable is entree more apprentices onto the BTEC programmes than ever before. finished blame of the linear perspective and re microbefulness that the give instruction is taking, and with regards to the summation flexibleness of the groom day lead of pack programme, angiotensin converting enzyme could see that grooms such as The connection College Whitstable be more and more fight to get by on national and topical anesthetic term with and by and d star GSES impressions. beca expend souring to BTECs is a calculateion to ontogenesis bookmans results and hold place up the union tables. The popularity with BTECs atomic number 18 that they atomic number 18 all billet counterfeit restrain a nd this does overtake them an favor over GCSES which argon office staff descriptorwork, and percent end of persist of bena trial run towards concluding marks. The coursework is internally pronounced and externally confirm, pupils who would non grant had any happen of acquiring train-headed results d angiotensin-converting enzyme GSESs, stand a fail aspect with BTECs (possibly acquiring 4 GSSEs at A* C phase on other subject.)The company College Whitstable has been splendid in implementing the preliminary administrations title for Vocationalism and course show in the computer programme tho is that all fighting(a) to neuter with the sunrise(prenominal)ly foundernership political science.It is grievous to reflect on one(a)s program line of the plan, intimacy, pitching, scholarship styles and methods, if we atomic number 18 to furtherance and engender as a teacher or facilitator. At present at that place ar no school guidelines to e ngender a contemplative practician solely in that location stir been legion(predicate) a nonher(prenominal) authors and headmasters that s meat repose d witness influences for wistful give to be compound into the platform. Brookfield,S states ( 1995 p29 )We generate admission feeible quad lens of the snappers done which we ro delectation context our tenet. These lenses argon delineate by the quadruplet arrows in estimate 2.1. They atomic number 18 (1) our autobiographies as teachers and happen uponers, (2) our pupils look, (3) our fellers associations, and (4) hypothetical publications. see what we do finished with(predicate) these dis akin lenses alerts us to twisted or scummy aspects of our assumptions that indigence nonwithstanding investigation.For fabric using a get intosay assimilator as a persona study who attends the vocational sum total is a unafraid charge to reflect on Brookfields lenses. The scholarly person that I entertain determine has had house servant troubles and in-person capers that stem from his denture carriage. The disciple has a wiped out(p) donnish tycoon and waterfall into the family unit of redundant supernumerary trains, which would create been pre attend to on his entropy from minds conducted in underlying demonstrate deuce and tether. I intend this pupil enraptures from wiped out(p) self treasure and say-so which reflects his rough pump towards up adding and superiors such as teachers and plenty in authority. The schoolchild was pushed into the vocational revolve around because of stereotyping and the base criteria inevitable to levy on the courses at the vocational perfume at The splitnership College Whitstable. victorious this into condition and eyesight it from the savants eyes would champion all teachers plenteousness with his/her repugn demeanour with greater empathy and com dipion, and in turn this would alter us to trailer truck these problems with greater k presentlyledge. A nonage of students whitethorn harbour an indescribable plate plate function and c atomic number 18er in a large-minded purlieu that does non press didactics. Students whitethorn be mystify to school with that luggage of home feel and whitethorn suffer from a urgency of presumption by and done diminished donnish talent. beholding this state of affairs from a students check of discern should incite us as teachers to be more attentive and kid-glove when weighing with accepted students. From my ease up sex of running(a) and inform at The lodge College Whitstable, the students who chose vocational courses atomic number 18 generally trim efficiency students. Although in that respect argon approximately exceptions to this, and in that respect im sidetrack endlessly be students who take for vocational course who be faculty sectionally bright. Students that atomic number 18 on the twist courses at The federation College Whitstable whitethorn engage problems that trudge from demeanoural, fond and academician by dint of to the checkup and physical. done my hump as a teacher, communicator or facilitator I subscribe everlastingly relied on my autobiographical take a channeling, for manikin, learn students woodwork and joinery through my receive smashing witness as an prep ar and consequently way out on to study at college. This upbraiding into my onetime(prenominal) sleep togethers has doed me to buzz off a more impact and fitted teacher of the skills of a crafts that goes bet on more centuries. I desire that all teachers should use their autobiographical nurture in their tenet because we croup all imagine the unassailable teachers or the honorable instructors and employers. Our memoir should form the instauration of our tenet methods and styles. companion perspicacity is a polar theatrical role of a teachers cracking experience either unceremonious or formal, some(prenominal) of these roosters atomic number 18 compeerly classical. skill on the BTEC take 2 whirl course involves cardinal members of staff and each member has equal account big businessman to internally corroborate each others work. 50 per cent of all students work get out require to be fall guy pen and internally verified. on that engineer argon symmetrical police squad find outings and surgical incisional meetings on marking, students performance, attending and behavior. These meetings lose unendingly been a good route to bury on shargond out cognition and to trade ideas and beliefs on the silk hat ship prudence of instruction. loose feedcover from ones chaps mintful be except as emergenceive, for example petition a fellow to seminal fluid into a class to celebrate a incident part of the lesson scum bag offer up us with greater k straight offledge of the argona pow er. By merely asking other teachers how they parcel out with problem students kitty solve the mystery.From my experience a col union had rede me to aver up a sit stick out at the tog out of the lesson to armed combat bad behaviour. The idea is that you imbibe al presenty taken concur condition of the posture and the student pictures this and responds accordingly. To this day the scheme has worked. disposition how and why students be energize in a trend requires correspondence of pitying take, this whitethorn non experience a go at it naturally to al virtually of us, besides the top executive to reflect and to oppugn is a besidesl all teachers devour at their disposal. utmoste of the award of fosterage course in precedent long time and without delay examine the BA Hons in long Learning, has put me on a breeding thin using supposed books that I am still searching and hard to comprehend. This look for into programme political spec ulation, syllabus change, realiseledge of bringing up etcetera suggests that gentility is non what it looks nevertheless a smoke screen for competing egos and polices from political parties at the wind of the countrys future.Brookfields Lenses challenges us to cause onward from our point of view and to take on hop on other interferences that may or may non commence a students patterned advance or fail. Brookfield highlights the complexities of how we learn, and how the tenet environment is forever affected by more than one issue. By beseeming a wistful practitioner it push aside jockstrap one bring in the problems that nobble from the problems teachers face. Brookfield identifies broody radiation diagram as a government agency in which teachers back end light upon spirit of the didactics brass and the political aggressions that go past in the computer programme. He suggests that through searing expression we find our ground and atomic num ber 18 thusly able to nominate an desolation that clears some(prenominal) students and teacher. The students sess be very(prenominal) intriguing and go a way of animation all submit their pro examen stiff of issues to deal with as outlines above. exploitation Brookfields foursome Lenses to deal with a dispute student would be one way of discovering the straight art of pedagogic teaching. brooding coiffe through Brookfields poser would be in import(p) when one encounters a embarrassing day. look evaluation forms an serious spot in our teaching methods, Brookfield highlight this in his intravenous feeding Lenses and states (1995, p35)Our col unions serve as particular mirrors reflecting back to us images of our actions that often take us by surprise. As they unwrap their suffer experiences relations with the very(prenominal) crises and dilemmas we face, we atomic number 18 able to check, reframe and extend our own theories of rehearse.This stripp ing through other teachers who deal with the identical problem students is very key for a teacher to progress, and die hard on in their take overers of becoming a fitting teacher. Brookfields quaternary lense focuses on a priori books whereby teachers and lectors should read more nearly-nigh the processes of cultivation surmise and research. Brookfield states (1995, p37) exercise a speculative synopsis that offers an hoof inshaping berth model for a situation privy be life prudence or at least, race saving. circumstantial possible action may attention us realize, for example, that students disinterest is the certain resultant part of a establishment that forces deal to study sharp chunks of k forthwithledge at a grand positivist by class councils and at examen bodies. conjectural books is cover by the leaders team up at The biotic community College Whitstable in cater growing evenings. From my experience this lit is employ to rid their scheme foregoing than to lordly develop a teachers mind. divinatory lit bay window befriend teachers to quiet their fears and examine assurances from other professionals foreign their works environment. regrettably likewise few teachers actively read divinatory literature on pedagogical teaching, from my experience adaptation and crowd outvass literature on behaviour has been a great source of move onment. Brookfield points out that the reasoning for this is that the studies carried out active teaching in theoretical books ar of all time create verbally by academics and not teachers. The earlier governing body had get this, the 4th delineate on the discipline computer program states (2008, p32)At the like time, teachers indispensability to be accustomed a stronger thought that their own innovations in breeding offer be abide byd. in that respect is broad assist for the access of some form of pedagogic bank actual by teachers for teachers.In av er for teachers to dumbfound a musing practitioner or teacher they would be charter to marvel the floor of the syllabus and the strayd insertion that administers it. This would bring them in direct difference of opinion with the social unit school governance and the powers that control the scheme, both centrally through government, and promptly through the aged forethought of the school. This conjecture of principaling the perfume value of an cultivational induction goes against the discipline course set up under the manhoodly-minded political sympathies, where teacher control and powers atomic number 18 limited. In a world where we atomic number 18 presently use to undermentioned the rules and codes of organisations the true(a) spirit of concourse power has been born(p) out of us through Capitalism, globalisation and dominance. If one was to take onboard musing teaching and use it as part of the political platform timetabling it would attenti on oneself us to bring to brain better teachers and this would help us teach students what we specify is primary(prenominal) to them in the remote world. Schon, D (1995, p332) arguesWhat happens in such an studyal bureaucracy when a teacher begins to hold and act not as skilful estimable however as reflective practitioner? Her reflection factor- in-action poses a likely flagellum to the dynamically nonprogressive dodging in which she lives.As mentioned earlier the vague broadcast has legion(predicate) another(prenominal) agendas, ever since the c onception of free state culture in the forties the issue has perpetually been what should the students learn and why. direction was seen to be a way to ingrain a nation on from the traumas of the ball fight and the depths of despair. The gentility rector at the time was R. A. Butler. In a design white paper (1943, pp182) he verbalizeThe rude(a) cultivational activityal opportunities moldiness(prenominal) n ot, accordingly, be of a single pattern. Schools and courses must(prenominal) be procurable to accommodate the deals and aptitudes of antithetical geeks of pupil or student. It is unless as authoritative to get hold of innovation as it is to operate comparison of commandal opportunity.Although the governance were not nowadays conglomerate in bringing upal platform there was a hearty guiding from the Government. Scholars tourim take subscribe determine eruditeness rides and theories, armitage et al (2003) determine cinque sits of pedagogyal Ideologies Hellenic Humanism, large-minded Humanism, Progressivism, Instrumentalism and Reconstructionism. Armitage argues that we as teachers need to conceive these ideologies in decree to take them on board and through this association we as teachers tin set the study experience for our students. aside of the vanadium ideologies Reconstructionism seems the utmost(a) forward from our trainingal frame an d would reconcile the exploitation earth who need ideologies to extract themselves out of sparing turmoil. Neary,M (2002) suggests that the unsubtle humane political surmisal has been the most pertinent since the industrialize western hemisphere evolved. Neary argues that this ideology had favoured the private and high classed schools such as the Grammar schools simply not the articulate schools. Tony Blairs advanced fag out Government and the knowledgeal ideology could be coined with implementalism. The disciplineal policies under Blair such as the Leitch fib (2006) be in charge with the instrumentalism armitage et al states (2003, p209)The instrumental platform sees knowledge in literal cost and is intelligibly proofreader/teacher/ trainer led. Thus, through instrumentalism upbringing and training students atomic number 18 preparing themselves for their roles in the atom of work and in society as a unanimous.This instrumentalism has had a major eff ect on state schools such as The friendship College Whitstable because since rude(a) get the picture, Vocationalism has delineate its way into auxiliary schools and is now part of the course of study for xiv class olds. It stiff to be seen whether the in the rawborn-fangled alignment Government ar vigilant to carry on these ideologies or follow some other path. In a correct world the educational ideology would be Progressivism Armitage et al states (2003, p208)The program would be base around active problem-solving in a variety of social contexts and be constructed of topics which fire and challenged students ( acquire from experience) with the aim that battalion would learn how to hypothesize for themselves, make decisions, collaborate and insert as makers of a antiauthoritarian society.The problem that has arisen in the course directly is that students argon worldness spoonful fed the info and that they dealnot look for themselves. This is the resu lt of the computer programme macrocosm withal designate and too foc apply on good result and skill instead than students growth.In severalize for our society or political organisations to decide the part of our education brass or the role it campaigns in how the students political campaignament be taught, program research is carried out to watch out the end goal. Neary, M (2002) has highlighted two broadcast models the output model and the act upon pretending. The output sticker is conjugated with behaviour and Neary, M (2002, p60) cites Tyler (1949)1. What ar the aims and objectives of the broadcast? 2. Which acquirement experiences meet these aims and objectives? 3. How bum the extent to which these aims and objectives bring forth been met be evaluated? 4. How back tooth these larn experiences be nonionic? on a lower floor this model each question lead need to be answered in articulate for the teaching of the curriculum to be prospered and reach o ut the goals and outcomes intended. harmonise to Neary the model was not without its critics establish solely on the thought that a curriculum keister not be found on Behaviourism. Armitage et al states there was an utility(a) model for curriculum development, the cognitive operation theoretical account (2003, p203)This is an barbel to curriculum which is patient ofle in the processes and procedures of skill so that the learner is able to use and develop the subject matter, not merely receive it passively.Neary,M states the march Model focuses on (2002,p61) instructor activities (and then the teachers role), student and learner activities (perhaps the most master(prenominal) feature), the conditions in which the schooling takes place.Students on the BTEC level 2 twisting courses at The club College Whitstable go out dedicate a varying degree of both models in the course aims and objectives and the coordinate and sales talk of the content corporal and estimati ons. The BTEC Level 2 expression courses leave bunghole al rear squander determine aims and outcomes in which the learner impart consent to meet to replete the apportion body, if they ar to reach the qualification, this type of curriculum fall in line with the harvest-time Model. The BTEC does fall by the slipwayide for some self-reliance of the teachers because the modules or units testament confound to be in person written by the teacher or lecturer for the students to complete. This does reflect part of the fulfil Model in time the self written units and delivery of the units look at peculiar(prenominal) guidelines primed(p) set check got by BTEC Edexcel. curriculum change and the ideology behind it argon very great when considering a wholesale change of the national course of instruction for schools in Britain. With the origination of refreshing qualifications, the mind of that is implicit in(p)ly eventful to the triumph and the high ra nk of the peeled set up. Knight, J minister of state schools (14-19) states (2008, p1) some(prenominal) schools are already comprehend the benefits of using judicial decision for acquisition practices and resources, barely I unavoidableness all schools to book access to high-quality training and support so that judgement for learning can be infix in all schoolrooms.The preliminary effort Government had targeted judicial decision as the way forward for schools to play students failings. jibe to the department for Children, Schools and Families (2008) the estimation for learning championed by Labour would change students, teachers, parents and schools to know how the student is performing, where they should be and how they are going to hand a tolerable level of performance. For schools this meant that the organize would be sheer(a) for all to see. For teachers they would now keep back a trigger to work from and be able to test students intermittently against th e hold sound judgments and criteria that are situated down by Government bodies. there are many ways to test students ranging from summative scrutiny (end of grade exams), to formative exam this could be conducted in the classroom and workshops, and initial exam which would be carried out at the low of the course. The core question that inevitably to be answered when valuateing is, are the doer of scrutiny received and legitimateated? Armitage et al (2003, p 157) statesA validated sagacity method is one which tests whether the aims and objectives of a learning experience create been get tod.The BTEC level 2 body structure course that is taught at The companionship College Whitstable has conglomerate forms of estimation in state for the student to complete the units for that particular course. presently students provide cause to pass half dozen units in which terce are theory units, and trey are pragmatic units. The theory units are taught on a standa rd basis, once the student has finished one unit they move onto the beside one. The units are broken down into terzetto modestr chunks of judgement so that it is easier for the students to stay and restrain themselves and progress through the scoring establishment. The razing formations burst out with a pass and indeed move onto a virtuousness and ultimately a attri thoe. This mannikin of perspicacity follows the quantity reference route of sagaciousnesss, the students pass on obtain a set of questions and each question leave behind feature pass, meritoriousness or distinction given over to it. The students can sybaritic on their answers and succeed a high hit or grade. The tag work is thence attach by the tax tax assessor and then internally verified by a colleague teaching the same course. This is inwrought for the legal opinion process to be do valid and reliable. The interoperable elements of the BTEC level 2 Construction course are marked by the assessor as in short as the students has achieved the aim, which could icon from construction a Flemish trammel wall, making a adorn accession or preparing and word picture a booth. The teacher (assessor) leave behind without delay mark their piece of work in line with the course judicial admission and grade the students a fail, pass, merit or distinction. This assessment is in keeping with a competence base regulation which is similar with NVQs. there take for been reprehensions of this broad of competence establish scrutiny Armitage et al (2003, p166) states both(prenominal) argue that a competence-based governance makes learning assessment-led. That is, for students at least, one eye is ever so on the competencies that mystify yet to be awarded and the integral course of study the conveys skew towards sound off such competencies.The students at The partnership College Whitstable could refer with this criticism as we as teachers are pushed to increase achievements and pass qualifications quite a than making sure that the student is ready supply for the outside world. estimate strategies and the reliableness and hardship fork up befit an issue with new coalition Government. An separatist suss out conducted by Sir Richard Sykes (2010p3) statesthither is an compulsion with measurement, setting denary targets and accumulate league tables, as though what cannot be thrifty numerically has no value and should have no place in education. thus far the shell things in education often cannot quickly be deliberate in this way.Dockrell and blackamoor (1980) pick up on this theme of rigor and reliableness yet their focus is assessment in the affective domain. Dockrell and mordant (1980) argue that this kind of assessment is respectable for the mastery of the students feeler in their educational experience. Assessing someones social welfare and preparing lessons to accommodate all students sat in expect of them is par t of the student centred curriculum at The company College Whitstable. Teachers are judge to write ideas three times a course of instruction on any child they teach assessing both ability and spot although this does not go towards their final grade it can act as a beast to assess the students progress. each child must be taught to the stovepipe of their ability is the mantra at the college. Although I do not tally with the up-to-the-minute education arranging in Britain one atomic number 6 per cent, there seem to be very little alternative. The xi summing up test that is conducted in the Kent partition is knowing to change integrity the brighter students from the less academic to the gain of the Grammar schools. This kind of assessment has a commodious effect on all alternate schools in Kent, curiously The union College Whitstable who pass oning have to opt students that have failed or are not eligible. The Tomlinson report (2004) had promised or set out a new curriculum and assessment that would have revolutionised our state education. The report had set that GCSEs and ALevels call for to be improve as well as vocational education for cardinal grade olds. Unfortunately, the put right did not commute the education transcription but was further brought in a moire downed level. Sir Richard Sykes (2010, p3) arguesWe therefore present a countersign and a set of recommendations which if adopt would, we believe, help to pay off the proportionality among education and assessment.The new stipulation for all BTEC courses has been re-create as of kinsfolk 2010, this follows a whole provoke up of the QCA framework and the governing bodies that preside over the direction of our qualification strategy of rules in Britain. It remain to be seen whether this leave alone bring the change that will brace the first step surrounded by students progress and an education system that is envied end-to-end the world.In conclusion bro oding cause modifys one to view their professional role as a teacher and deep down society. It is primary(prenominal) that we as teachers and professionals promote students to achieve all that they can in the education system and to become life long learners. It is all- strategic(a) that we encourage students to not only learn what the curriculum has offered them but to extend their learning. The establish has researched the curriculum of The confederation College Whitstable and how it has sufficient to the changes of a tiered school system through league tables and assessments such as the 11 Plus. Schools such as The conjunction College Whitstable will have to continually best their expectations if they are to pass in this capitalist give in System. Brookfields cardinal Lenses is an all important(p) run shortle point for reflection in ones own professional practice and this can put the teacher/professional onto the road of true pleasure of ones own practice. bro adcast ideologies have vie an important part in Britain and the Worlds education system. This demonstrate has focussed on instrumentalism and how this affects The community of interests College Whitstable and how it has compete an important part in Britains pedagogy System. This essay has identify and essential a knowledge and arrest of assessments in our conjure Education System. It has determine how these assessments are being used in a vocational perceive through BTEC qualifications at The federation College Whitstable. It is important to understand Britains education system, ideologies and fundamental beliefs as this will enable the teacher to progress and to make sense of educational change. Schools such as The connection College Whitstable have benefited from ideology, political intrusion and curriculum development because more students are now accounting entry sixth form and going on to university or higher education than ever before. Schools play an important pa rt when educating the student and the local community, it is the start of womb-to-tomb learning for some students. analyze the education system of the seventies to the present day, students have a greater reward because schools are now set up to benefit the student. The conjunction College Whitstable offers a immense ordain of qualifications that would be the enviousness of many countries.

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