Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sexual Predators in Cyberspace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sexual Predators in Cyberspace - Research Paper Example The consequences of such events on the web can lead to catastrophic dangers. (Cheney) Children are particularly vulnerable in this regard and face a lot of cyber dangers. Child sexual exploitation spans across every economic, social, ethnic and religious group out there. They span beyond geographical boundaries. Pedophiles and sexual predators are on the rise. They make use of internet without regard of any precautions, exchange personal information of their co-pedophiles and potential child victims. They have hidden behind various screen names, where they come together online and exchange child pornography with speed and efficiency that’s beyond our mental capacity. This in turn excites them to molest further. This is a grave problem that needs to be resolved. I t can be solved by sending police men in chat rooms to track down on predators and by promoting awareness among children The dark side of the internet and World Wide Web puts young innocent minds in a lot of dangers. The sexual predators exploit chat rooms to target youngsters. As useful as the internet maybe, it has its own disadvantages too. Some of the harms it can inflict can put a child into grave danger and take his childhood away from him. Daily Telegraph is of the view that internet makes it possible for children to end up anywhere without leaving their home town. This can eventually land them into places where they can be abused, stalked and conned by sexual predators. (Hatch) Most of the sexual predators work in online chat rooms and have already gotten in touch with a lot of kids. They look out for children who can be easy convenient targets for them. Most of the time they seek sexual abuse, bullying and divorce. In other words, they look for anything that can emotionally captivate the child and hamper his confidence. Such victims are their main targets. After they have triggered the initia l

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