Thursday, September 12, 2019

Classic Hollywood Cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Classic Hollywood Cinema - Essay Example This essay explores the interaction between the message and medium in a scene from Casablanca. The scene that will be analyzed is the scene when Annina Brandel (Joy Page), a refugee who is desperately looking for exit visas for her and her husband Jan Viereck (Helmut Dantine), converses with Rick and asks for guidance regarding her dealing with Renault. This scene demonstrates the themes of nationalism and sentimentalism; it uses the cinematic elements to complicate the portrayal of the themes, by showing how Rick fights his inner emotions, values, and goals, and these elements also reinforce the themes through expressing them through symbolisms and motifs, as well as the actions and words of the characters. Rick embodies his contradictions as an empty and â€Å"filled† man, which manifests more in the form of sentimentalism. He seems to not care for the idea of true love. French bargirl Yvonne (Madeleine LeBeau), in the beginning of the film, pleads for Ricks attention. She drinks heavily, showing her confusion with her feelings and Ricks feelings for her. She asks Rick for a date that night, but all he says is: â€Å"I never make plans that far ahead.† During this time, through a middle shot, Ricks back is on the audience as he busily writes on something on the bars desk. It shows his indifference to Yvonne. As he pulls Yvonne out, shadows fall on Rick. These shadows symbolize the darkness inside his heart. He seems to have no feelings for anyone. He does not believe in â€Å"love† or â€Å"passion,† which can be inferred as he brusquely shoves Yvonne out of his bar. This woman evidently likes him, but he does not care for her. His actions demonstrate how h e also brushes aside love and passion away from his life. He has an emptiness inside him and the scene sends the first impression of Rick as a lonely introvert. Nonetheless, when he speaks with Annina, the scene reveals the complication between the

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