Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Mental and Physical Effects on Incarcerated Children and Their Research Proposal

The Mental and Physical Effects on Incarcerated Children and Their Parents - Research Proposal Example The researcher intends to carry out a qualitative research on the mental and physical effects on incarcerated children and their parents. In this regard, the proposal includes specific aims and objectives of the proposed research that focus on the recognition of different effects of incarceration on children, as well as their parents globally, specifically in context of the United States. The proposal includes brief literature review relating different existing perspectives on the impact of child incarceration. The researcher will be utilizing secondary research methodology as basis of the proposed research while benefiting from primary research method to validate analysis of secondary method. It is anticipation of the researcher to complete the study in a period of nineteen weeks. Introduction The number of youth offenders in the United States has risen greatly in the last few decades, which in turn has been extremely detrimental to the lives of these youth’s families. There is no doubt that a person who breaks the law deserves punishment, as the only fair solution. However, research shows that child imprisonment is not an effective punishment for these juvenile delinquents, and does not decrease the incidence of youth crime. Instead, historical data indicates that this youth crime rate has actually risen as the rate of youth imprisonment increased. Thus, the proposed research aims to analyze several dimensions of youth incarceration, focusing on how it affects both the children and their parents.... While authorities work tirelessly on finding an alternative and effective ways of preventing these youths from this dangerous downfall, it seems that only the strategy of youth imprisonment is actually applicable in real life, despite its negative effects. Research Statement In this manner, the researcher will focus on the following research statement to acquire the aims and objectives of the proposed research: â€Å"To identify and analyze the mental and physical effects on incarcerated children and their parents† Objectives This research has several objectives, which the researcher finds essential to the purpose of this topic. First, the researcher aims to delve into the numerous mental and physical effects that youth imprisonment has on children, and the effect of the same on the parents of these children. The propose research also aims to conduct further analysis on the long term impacts this incarceration will have on the lives of these children in the parents in the futu re. Finally, the study also plans to study whether the mental and physical effects of youth imprisonment yields an overall positive outcome or not. Significance This topic holds major significance across the globe, as one can come across thousands of families that would have affected by this problem. The findings of this study will also be successful in directing the government to designing more effective and beneficial strategies to deal with youth crime, in the US as well as the rest of the world. Literature Review Brief analysis of the literature (Pattillo, 2006) has indicated that incarcerated children and their parents confront huge number of difficulties. Many have undergone the shock of unexpected separation from their only caregiver, and

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