Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Easyjet Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Easyjet - Assignment Example Here, the application of innovation to Easy-Jet is analyzed in the following sections of this report. The logo of turning Europe orange is much more than a logo for Easy-Jet; it is the vision to which the airlines moves by means of its various lines of businesses – airlines being the case under consideration in this report. Easy-Jet is all about innovation and creativity; in a business where services are rather homogenous in nature, the cost advantage mainly belongs to the old names of the industry since they break-even at a much earlier time, causing issues to the new entrants. Otherwise, the competition remains cut-throat because the technology in the airlines industry is fairly replicable, and does not stay as a competitive advantage for a longer period of time. Subsequently, the importance of innovation and creativity rises as a major source of gaining the competitive advantage in the arena. There is substantial evidence in the research to reveal the fact that the strategy planned by the firm is well defined, and has goals and strategies defined in a manageable mode. The preliminary action is to define the target market which is technically the leisure seeking travelers – as described by the corporate management of the business. Gradually, the firm is also targeting the business travelers, but the major source of revenue or the larger chunk are the leisure travelers. Alongside establishing precise target market, it is also critical to attain the network of key airports that are the major requirements for catering to the leisure class travelers since this category prefers airlines that picks them from their home town and drops them to their destiny. Along the similar lines, Easy-Jet has linked and formed networks across the key airports in Europe and the major population in the same region. Extending the same towards the frequency of flights develops

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