Friday, October 18, 2019

History topics since 1500s Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

History topics since 1500s - Assignment Example The entry of the European into the Americas had some very serious impacts on the native people who frequently fell for diseases and genocidal policies of the Europeans. It was in the period of Amerindian population decline that some other forms of coercive human labor that included slavery got exploited during the construction of the new world. The cores of the development of Atlantic commerce were sugar and slave (Coclanis, 2005). Therefore, the history of the Atlantic commerce cannot in any way be separated with the history of slavery and the act of transferring both labor and capital across the Atlantic. The transfers of slaves and capital across the Atlantic is also very closely linked with sugar production. (Coclanis, 2005) The emergences of new and improved technology together with human culture were intertwined in the advancement of the sugar industry and this acted as one of the mainstays of the new Atlantic economies. The significance of the trade is that, it led to the mass ive movement of people across the Atlantic. The migrations that were made during this period led slaves settling on their working areas. The major significance of this type of trade is that it has shaped the history of the worlds trade and it has led to a massive growth of cities across the world. In between 1450 and 1750, the two states had several comparisons. Politically, there were differences in the type of leaders who ruled these empires; the forms of governments and the political structures were all different from many other comparisons (Berktay, 1991). There is also an economic and religious comparison of the two states and they are given in the table below. The people within the states and how some of their funds are used base the economic comparisons of the two states on the type of trades that are carried out. The source of livelihood to the

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