Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Summary essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary - Essay Example And this â€Å"ocular centrism† is approached in different levels of philosophical thinking, hence the birth of Cartesian, Baconian, and Baroque systems of vision; albeit the focus of Jay’s discourse is the comparison and contrast of the first and last school of thought. The Cartesian model, also known as Cartesian Perspectivalism centers itself in the â€Å"harmonious and scientific† approach in defining a vision. This hegemonic perspective reduces the interpretation of â€Å"representations† which are embedded in the mind of the beholder. Representations being symbols and symbols entrenched in images arranged accordingly to mathematical grid orders. It is like discovering and understanding the world in a strictly empirical direction of math and sciences. The spectator then is assumed a blank slate that looks at a spectacle devoid of any context, whether social, cultural, or religious. The meaning then is dependent upon who beholds what, depending on his â€Å"discovery† on the world. This then creates contention between the artist who produced the perspective and the assumed beholder of that same perspective. Baconian school of thought, on the other hand, offered an alternative visual model during the 17th century Dutch occupation but is not necessarily an independent system of vision but a product of the criticisms encountered by the previous visual model. If the aforementioned ideology is specific about seeing the world in consonance with science, the Baconian argument on the other hand inclines itself to the social and humanistic approach of understanding and viewing the world. Hence, it enables the depiction of a story or the substantive narrative content in a single spectacle. It explores the narrative and descriptive articulation of the world being presented to the beholder. The last visual argument posited by Martin is the Baroque system of vision where it drastically

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