Sunday, October 6, 2019

Ladybug Cell Phones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ladybug Cell Phones - Essay Example In this partnership strategy, the major idea will be persuading the distributors as well as the retailers to sell our product to the clients by giving various types of incentives to the customers. The push strategy will involve discounts, money back guarantee, and advertising items. The company will convince the distributors to help market the product and in the end sell it to the clients (Carroll, 2000). Â  Pull strategy, on the other hand, will require that we, the company, spend considerably on the customer in order to develop high demands by the customers for the product. This will ensure our customers get attracted simply from the promotion and then demand the product from our retailers, this will make the retailer request the wholesaler for the product and eventually, the wholesalers would put an order for the product to the manufacturing company. This will promote sales of Ladybug significantly. There is a significant difference between the two strategies of sales promotion. The push strategy will demand that we, the company, persuade the wholesalers and retailers to sell our products or put them on their shelves in order to create demand among customers. On the other hand, with the pull strategy, we, the company, will engage the customers directly and communicate to them in order to influence their demand for the product so that they can request for it (Eisenstadt, 2003). Â  Push-pull strategy, a combination of the push strategy and pull strategy, implies the use of both the strategies at once. In this case, both the customers and our distributors will take into account and consider the incentives that we, the company, offer such as discounts.

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