Sunday, August 11, 2019

Importance of Food Safety in Restaurants Research Paper

Importance of Food Safety in Restaurants - Research Paper Example Restaurant owners and managers should benchmark the famous example of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald when he canceled the license of a franchise restraint when he saw a fly. Such was his commitment to cleanliness and food safety. All restaurants should make food safety and cleanliness an integral part of their mission statements, rules and regulations and should also incorporate them into their training programs. Benefits: A good training program protects the customers from any harmful effects and so in the process, it protects the business venture. Trained employees will not just ensure food safety and cleanliness but they will also be efficient and productive. Apart from protecting the customers a good training also safeguards the health and safety of employees. Employee training also ensures their motivation and loyalty because training makes them feel that they are involved in the bigger picture. A training program also makes employees more customers driven. The point that should be of emphasis is that training should not be considered a short term solution. It should be considered a policy of continuous improvement and an ongoing process. So the new standards and techniques should be taught all the time to employees. Organizations should keep in touch with national and local organizations and authorities that specialize in food and restaurant safety and training programs. Last but not least is the fact that a good training program is a great tool to reinforce in customers a feeling that the organization cares about them and the environment they provide to them. This, in fact, is crucial in building long term relationships with them.

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