Sunday, August 4, 2019

Physical Therapy Essay -- Physical Therapist Job Career Essays

Physical Therapy Physical therapists are members of a health care team, specially trained to improve movement and flinction, relieve pain, and expand movement potential. Through evaluation and individualized treatment programs, physical therapists can both treat existing problems and provide preventive health care for people with a variety of needs (Physical Therapy-Improving 1). Physical therapists are very knowledgeable and skillful concerning the human body. Physical therapy is a complex, but rewarding field to pursue as a career. Specialization, working conditions, job outlook, salaries, and education requirements need to be taken into consideration when contemplating a career as a physical therapist. Physical therapists can either specialize in specific areas, like paralysis or orthopedics, or they can treat a broad range of needs. Physical therapy is divided into three basic categories: acute care, neuro-rehab, and outpatient physical therapy. I am particularly interested in acute care, which involves treating patients in the hospital setting. Acute care involves treating patients following surgery, restoring patients' physical activity following an accident or illness, and helping patients to overcome disabilities. Teaching home exercises, preparing rehab programs, and explaining how to use assistive devices are the acute care therapist's main jobs. On the other hand, neuro-rehab physical therapists deal with patients who have long-term injuries, such as spinal cord injuries. Finally, outpatient physical therapists are usually self-employed and generally treat patients in the home. ("Information" 7) All three types of physical therapists perform the same general tasks. The goal of physical therapy is to help patien... ...1.htm. "1997 Graduate School Rankings, Physical Therapy." U.S. News _ Online. Internet. 8 April 1997. Available: "Physical Therapist." The Princeton Review Guide to Your Career. Online. Internet. 8 April 1997. Available: "Physical Therapists." California Occupational Guide Nurnber 117. Online. Internet. 8 April 1997. Available: "The Physical Therapist: A Professional Profile." American Physical Therapy Association. Online. Internet. 8 April 1997. Available: Physical Therapy - Improving Movement and Function. San Bruno: Icrames, 1984. Physical Therapy in Iowa. Des Moines: Iowa Physical Therapy Association, 1991.

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