Monday, August 26, 2019

Read the documents carefully and you will able to know what I want Essay

Read the documents carefully and you will able to know what I want - Essay Example Incorporation of quality management in software development lifecycle ensures that there is high quality product at the end. This in addition ensures that the clients are satisfied and contented. This evidence shows that the aspect of quality management needs not to be neglected in software development project lifecycle. The major reason for incorporating quality management in software development projects is to ensure that quality standards are upheld throughout the development process (Sue Carroll 2007). Quality management is also aimed at developing quality end product which satisfies and meets the specific users. In order to understand the relationship between quality management and the success/failure of software development projects it is important to understand the three core aspects of quality management which comprises of software quality assurance, software quality plan and software quality control. Software quality assurance (SQA) is the organizational quality guide in regard to software development projects (Smith 2001). These quality guidelines comprises of regulations, standards as well as procedures in coming up with quality end products, evaluation, verification and confirmation of work products in the software development lifecycle. This aspect also entails incorporation of knowledge base of the best practices. Software quality plan (SQP) is also another important aspect is a quality plan drafted by all the stakeholders of the software development team declaring their commitment to adhere to the procedures, regulations and all the applicable standards throughou8t the development lifecycle. It is the duty of the software development manager to approve and justify any of the necessary adjustment which deviates from the SQP Land SQA standards. Finally is the aspect of the software quality control (SQC) which ensures that both the SQA and SQP the software development is

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