Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reading Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Reading - Assignment Example Most organizations have employees with creative ideas but unless they are recognized and given incentives and opportunity to exercise it, the society at large has a lot to lose. The assertion of the post regarding significance of recognizing creativity in an individual is true and valid. The posts show that creativity is the key quality that most employers seek in a potential employee. In the context of engineering, creativity has seen the revolution of technology with ever expanding advancement. The ideas emerging in the field of engineering are a product of creative minds which transverse the traditional concepts. By offering diverse scenarios where creativity boosts engineering discipline and other careers, the post asserts the need for managers to recognize productive recruits. The managers should have open mind and deep knowledge on how to identify creative employees and retain them for a prosperous performance. In that regard, the posts assertion on creativity and its overriding influence in an organization and individual productivity is reliable. This post gives an insight into the role of creativity for individual growth and sustained organization development. There are processes of recruitment which must incorporate the ability to select quality workers. Creativity and innovation should be valued in an individual as it adds credit to the quality of output in an individual. Organizations are currently engaged on formulating strategies towards recruiting and sustaining creative and innovative minds. Competitive strategies of organization has been shifted towards human capital which is significantly defined by ability to innovate hence boost the overall performance. The post therefore reiterates the importance of creativity in sustaining

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