Saturday, August 10, 2019

Macbeth Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Macbeth - Assignment Example After the king is dead, Macbeth utters these words to show how deeply he is moved by his death. Macbeth shows how much he loved the king and how his life was just perfect when the king was alive. If he had died before the king’s departure he wouldn’t have been alive to see him fall – such an emotional stir it creates in the minds of the listeners! The reason for this ‘love’ for the king simply dripping from his words is because Macbeth is now afraid, that Macduff knows it was him who killed the king. So to show his utmost devotion and servitude for the late king, he uses this concealed treacherous love bloom in the hopes of ridding himself of the stench of king’s blood. Such equivocation doesn’t really have two meanings, it is nothing but deceit, an artful lie to let the world know how much Macbeth loved the king. It is words like these that help evil geniuses like Macbeth build an honest repute with fraudulent methods. Macbeth was a general in King Duncan’s army it would have been so foolish of him to have openly criticized the king or to openly challenge him. His equivocal words like the quote above helped him to rank higher from Thane of Glamis to Thane of Cawdor and then to become the king of Scotland. In this last quote Macbeth gives his reason for not killing Banquo when he is talking to the murderers. The equivocation is in the sense that he is addressing murderers yet his intent is to share it with Banquo. Killing a man doesn’t really require killing him with one’s own hand. The better option is to get someone else do the job, this way there is always enough doubt to get away with the murder. Macbeth uses words such as â€Å"could† and phrases like â€Å"yet, I must not†. This is classic equivocation, deceit to let thanes know that he had all the resources to kill Banquo but he didn’t as they both share common friends (enough reason

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